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Amritsar: Students at Khalsa College Public School, GT Road have won silver and bronze medals in different sporting events at the district level. Two students from the school brought accolades to the district, school and parents by earning silver and bronze medals in boxing and bronze medals in swimming. Director Amarjit Singh Gill, congratulating the winners, said Class XI students Sumit Salaria and Dhruv Nanda competed in the fifth Punjab junior boxing contest organized by the boxing association, Talwandi Sabo. Salaria won the silver medal in the 46-48 kg weight class and Dhruv Nanda won the bronze medal in the 63-66 kg class. Similarly, Class X student Harleen Kaur won the bronze medal in the 50m breaststroke while competing in the 45th National Junior Swimming Competition organized by the Swimming Association, Punjab at Guru Nanak Dev University.

Entrepreneurship Promotion Event

The Swadeshi Jagran Manch under the Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan had organized entrepreneurship promotion conferences in various educational institutions from July 15 to August 21 at RR Bawa DAV College for Girls, Batala. Mandeep Kaur Tangra, founder of SimbaQuartz, was the main guest at the closing ceremony of the conferences. General Manager, District Industries Centre, Batala, Sukhpal Singh, famous businessman Avneesh Agarwal, Gourav Sally and Rajesh Kawatra of Atlas Foundry were also present. Students and principals from more than 15 educational institutions have participated in the program. More than 30 manufacturers and contractors were honored during the program. Mandeep Kaur said that instead of racing abroad, she started an IT industry in her village. It has approximately 125 employees. She encouraged the students and told them that they should neither be afraid of their situation nor consider poverty as an obstacle in their path.

GNDU declares the results

The results of Shastri (Bachelor), Semester II, IV and VI, Master of Commerce, Semester II, MA Journalism and Mass Communication, Semester II and IV, Bachelor of Vocation (e-Commerce & Digital Marketing), Semester IV, Master in Tourism Management, Semester II and IV, MA English, Semester II, MA Public Administration, Semester II and IV, Bachelor’s Degree (Beauty and Wellness), Semester IV, Bachelor’s Degree (Print Technology), Semester IV, Bachelor’s Degree Professional (Theater & Stage Craft), Semester II, Bachelor of Vocation (Nutrition & Diet Planning), Semester II, Bachelor of Vocation (Software Development), Semester II, BCom (Financial Services), Semester VI , BA/BSc, Semester II , MA Punjabi, Semester II, MA Religious Studies, Semester IV, Post Graduate Diploma in Cosmetology, Semester II, MSc Mathematics, Semester IV, Bachelor in Vocation (eCommerce and Digital Marketing), Semester II, Bachelor in Vocation (Commerce electronics and digital marketing) Marketing), Semester VI, BBA, Semester IV, BCom, Sem Ester II of May 2022 session declared by Guru Nanak University Dev.

Poetry competition: Khalsa girls excel

The students of Khalsa College Girls Higher Secondary School achieved an excellent position in the poetry recitation competition held at the school level. Principal Puneet Kaur Nagpal, while congratulating the students, said during the competition held at Bhai Vir Singh Niwas Asthaan, Lawrence Road. Anandpreet Kaur and Deepika Sandhu of classes XI and XII, respectively, and junior class girls Ishleen Kaur and Kiratpreet Kaur participated and won prizes. A total of 16 schools participated in the competition and each school had one junior and two seniors. Ishleen Kaur took second place in the junior category. Anandpreet Kaur of the senior class received a consolation prize. The principal wished the winners to achieve more achievements and heights in the future.

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