Autonomous vocational school named Wilton Simpson Technical College

On Tuesday, June 14, the Hernando County School Board held a special meeting at 11 a.m. to approve the appointment of the planned stand-alone technical school to be located at the Dennis Wilfong Center for Success. The school will be called Wilton Simpson Technical College. The Dennis Wilfong Center for Success, slated to open in March 2025, will be located on an 18-acre site adjacent to Brooksville Tampa-Bay Regional Airport, which will also house a county facility and the Pasco Hernando Company. State College (PHSC). middle School.

Putting this to the board for a vote, school superintendent John Stratton said: “Mr. Simpson has been a driving force for the Technical Center. We appreciate his unwavering support of schools in Hernando County. The council approved the motion to rename the center by a 5-0 vote. Sophia Watson, Director of Adult and Technical Education, speaking to the council and the public, said: “We know how important it is to have a champion. Before Senator Simpson we had a vision and after Senator Simpson we had a way to achieve that vision.

“We strongly believe that Hernando County will lead the state in workforce education,” she concluded. Senator Simpson addressed the assembly and spoke of growing up in a farming family. In recounting how he identifies with people who follow a career in the technical field or say ‘blue collar’, he commented: ‘Generally I think politicians forget about the quiet dignity of a hard day’s work. That’s why my goal has always been to use my background as a farmer, business owner, and entrepreneur to be the voice of hard-working, blue-collar men and women who are the backbone of the hand -workers of our state.

He went on to explain the need to restore value to jobs that do not require a four-year degree, why he is so dedicated to improving vocational and technical education, and the reasons he advocated for the new technical and vocational education center which will be built, I hope, in the next two years.

Ms Barbarita Hinton, a teacher at Vocational Technical School, said: “Who you are tomorrow starts with what you do today. She commented that we all need a bit of trial and struggle as it teaches us how to overcome obstacles. “What we are celebrating today is the culmination of exceptional team leadership where many hands, hearts and minds came together to dream what many said was not possible,” Ms Hinton concluded.

Jordan Coker, 22, a recent graduate of Suncoast Technical Education Center, spoke about his experiences and accomplishments. He had been a janitor and worked with propane before finishing his studies. Now he has a well-paying job as a technology specialist. Suncoast currently offers specific training programs on several
school campuses. “This school gives you a chance. It gives you a future and it gave me a career,” Coker explained.

After the official reveal of the new name, Karen Jordan, who liaises with the legislative delegation, spoke about the work she does advocating before the state Legislature for schools in Hernando County to gain approval from projects and the financing of these projects. She then presented Senator Simpson with a keepsake acknowledging his support.

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