Being a Principal of North Platte Public School Is Like ‘Coming Home’ |

He said the communication with the education ministry is better than the districts before.

“I was pretty disappointed with the way these turned out,” Rhodes said. “It seemed like we were a little blinded by this, I think, as were the school districts. It was unfortunate how it sort of turned out.

One of the challenges that the District of North Platte will face in the future is staffing.

“When we look at both classified ads and certifications, I think we’ll have to continue to think outside the box to attract quality candidates for positions,” Rhodes said. “What we know right now, and I visit our four-year schools quite often, is that we don’t see a lot of kids graduating from high school and continuing their education.”

He said schools must work to change this statewide.

“There’s a lot of potential out there to develop ours as well and definitely have some kind of education career path,” Rhodes said. “North Platte is part of that, but maybe we should also consider improving that a bit. “

The shortage of teachers may be more prevalent in some regions than in others.

“I think we will have to be proactive,” Rhodes said. “The other thing, quite frankly, is teacher retention as well – what we do to keep our teachers, or any other employee for that matter. “

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