Big event today at Shobhit University on College Day

Shobhit University: Today July 24, 2022 will be a very special day for Shobhit University. As Shobhit University celebrates this date as “University Day”, this day is also the birthday of Honorable President Dr. Shobhit Kumar. On this auspicious occasion, a grand program is held at the university, which will also be attended by university alumni, staff members, faculty, and others.

Shobhit University is considered as one of the reputed universities in Uttar Pradesh where students from undergraduate to professional courses enjoy a unique academic environment. Shobhit University has carved a niche for itself by providing quality education through vertical and horizontal integration. In its mission and vision, it believes in a planned strategic development.

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Dr Shobhit Kumar

Dr. Shobhit Kumar is President of Shobhit University and Managing Director of the NICE Society. He is recognized as a visionary social worker. It has endeavored to promote rural development and provide employment-oriented technical training and medical facilities to families living below the poverty line and other people in rural areas and its contribution in these fields has been commendable.

Shobhit University

Shobhit Vishwavidyalaya aims to provide excellence in quality education keeping in mind the global perspective, maintaining quality and developing students into world-class leaders. To achieve this goal, the biggest challenge facing the university is to understand and be ahead of modern technologies, but also to meet international standards by connecting the best scholars to the university, in which it seems succeed so far. .

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important key academic question

Academic issues and commitments are the most important issues for the University. Shobhit University contributes significantly to the academic and overall development of students. By promoting quality education, research and innovation, the university strives to empower young people.

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