Chalk on Jokes: comedians break their ribs at Namugongo secondary and vocational school

KAMPALA – Comedians led by Don Andre were at Namugongo Secondary and Vocational on Sunday for a comedy tour dubbed “Chalk on Jokes”. The goal of the school tour is to cross the country making stops at different schools to discuss mental health issues and how students can address them. Throughout the tour, comedians also inform young people in schools about the dangers of mental health, but with a different approach.

They use stand-up comedy to address these issues in a more interesting way that also makes the audience laugh. While in Namugongo, Don Andre traveled with comedians Ann Kansiime, Optional Allan, Timothy Nyanzi, Daniel Omara and Papatunde.

Before going on stage, the comedians gave students who thought they had talent in stand-up a chance and each class was represented by some of the students. Don Andre, the Chalk on Jokes host called out each class, but it was surprising as they impressed their classmates when delivering their jokes.

The program actors selected by Don Andre did not disappoint either because their performance corresponded exactly to what the students and some of the members of the administration expected. The teachers, principal and school principal were seen in the audience and couldn’t hold back their laughter.

According to Don Andre, Namugongo Secondary and Vocational School was the first to host the Chalk on Jokes comedy tour and other schools have yet to host comedians. Don Andre says the concept is not just that comedians just deliver back, but that all jokes should be centered around mental health and how they can fight mental health and also address it in young people.

The Chalk on Jokes comedy school tour is also supported by the Kansiime Foundation, Holics Pads and Sheebah Cares.

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