Cooperation protocol signed between EGİAD and the Izmir Concept vocational school

Cooperation protocol signed between EGÄ°AD and the Izmir Concept vocational school

The Association of Young Businessmen of the Aegean Sea (EGÄ°AD) and the Izmir Concept Vocational School have signed a memorandum of cooperation.

The chairman of the board of EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer and the director of the vocational school Concept Prof.

EGÄ°AD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board, contributed to the development of the content of the educational programs of the Izmir Concept vocational school and the creation of internship opportunities. EGÄ°AD Stating that. Cooperation between NGOs and universities creates benefits by activating the technological knowledge and opportunities of the university, developing innovative and marketable product processes, contributing to the technological development of the country and enabling the business world to have a good job in terms of know-how and experience. In a globalized world, vocational and technical schools with a quality and dynamic structure are the most important starting point. It would not be wrong to say that Turkey’s future is somehow hinged on vocational education. It is not possible to talk about the development of our country without training technical personnel who have a trade, creating a workforce and increasing our quality of life with what it produces. For this reason, vocational colleges and vocational colleges are very important to us. But unfortunately, they haven’t been taken care of enough so far. Therefore, unfortunately, the desired momentum could not be achieved in terms of productivity and employment. Being a good technician is as important as being a good engineer. kazan The day he leaves, we will have taken the exit as a country ”.

The director of the Conceptual Vocational School, Professor Derman Küçükaltan is EGÄ°AD. He said they were very happy, on behalf of their students, to sign a memorandum of cooperation with Küçükaltan. this gap. EGÄ°AD Receiving EGÄ°AD’s contribution It is very important and valuable to be able to create internship and employment opportunities in member institutions. We are happy to provide this, ”he said.


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