First Sneak Peek: Manchin Targeted in New Campaign to Protect Religious School Daycares, Pre-Kindergarten

New campaign to step up West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s crackdown on President Joe Biden’s massive spending program targets parents with children in denominational schools, warning they will be kicked out as part of the “Build” plan. Back Better ”.

The influential and new conservative group Common Sense Leadership Fund has launched a digital campaign that targets parents and others linked to 18 West Virginia private schools that offer child care and early childhood education that would be compromised by the plan of Biden.

Manchin has previously raised questions about the program’s $ 1.75 trillion price tag and has suggested that Congress suspend the passage until it becomes clear that it will not boost inflation, already crushing its voters.

The digital campaign suggests that BBB would kill kindergarten and daycare in denominational schools, as it could violate federal non-discrimination policies. As a result, parents would be forced to place their young children in state and county run institutions.

Such a move could have the impact of heightening growing national concern that Democrats are taking over schools and chasing parents.

“Remember ‘If you love your health care, can you keep it?’ Well, the Democrats are going back to their old stuff. And this time they’re looking for your babysitting, ”reads a digital ad that includes photos of Manchin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

CSLF President Kevin McLaughlin told us, “Joe Biden’s spending boondoggle is the Liberals’ latest weapon of mass destruction in their decades-long war on religion. Millions of Americans depend on religious institutions for child care and pre-kindergarten. Joe Manchin claims to stand up for West Virginia families, but talking is cheap. It is time for Senator Manchin to act. This cutting-edge digital campaign directly informs families in the home state of Manchin exactly who is removing their faith-based child care providers and forcing them to attend a government-run daycare.

The group is well-funded and has used previous campaigns to target Democrats in competitive races in 2022. The Manchin campaign has been described as a “six-figure” effort.

Here is what the CSLF told us this morning about its advertising campaign:

  • First, we run the 18 private schools in West Virginia that offer kindergarten and child care with Facebook ads.
  • Second, there are Google display ads that direct people to this site:
  • There will also be peer-to-peer texting – here’s a text example: “Your child is on the front lines of the radical liberals’ war on religion. Tell Joe Manchin that West Virginia families don’t want to live in a secular, Godless nation.

The effort is first and foremost based on concerns raised by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. He said in a speech last month that the Biden Build Back Better bill would hurt faith-based school curricula.

“History is like the Democrats’ long march to socialized medicine,” McConnell said: “Take an intimate area of ​​American life, stack a maze of new mandates, regulations, cost increases and grants, and push families off the driver. seat so Washington can run their lives. “

The new campaign urges parents to sign a petition to Manchin in an effort to gain his support to challenge the spending plan.

“As written, the massive and reckless multibillion dollar Democrats’ spending bill will shut down faith-based child care and force millions of families into managed daycares and kindergarten by the government, ”said the the group’s website dedicated to the new campaign. “If you like your church’s preschool, will you be able to keep it?” Not if Senator Joe Manchin votes for Joe Biden’s Radical Bill! he added.

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