Future students met Ege University


The “Ege University Promotion and Preference Online Days” started at Ege University with the theme “Good Choice, Good Future”. Prospective students will get to know all aspects of Ege University through webinars, online preference advice, a robot of choice, live connections from campus, and online campus tours. Promotional stands have been set up by all faculties, colleges and vocational colleges in front of the EU Grand Sports Palace for candidate students this year on promotion and preference days. The Rector of the University of Ege, Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak, visited the promotion booths and met with potential students.

Invite all young university applicants to meet Ege University, Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet

Budak said: “As an Ege University, which has a deeply rooted history and achieved many firsts, we are a fourth generation university with our knowledge and experience of over 60 years, our well-equipped academic staff, the quality education and research we have offered nationally and internationally, and our qualified graduates who will carry the country into the future. With evaluations made by many institutions, our university is rated at A Plus level, which is the highest standard, and proves that it offers peaceful and safe campus life. We aim to meet the accommodation needs of our students under the guarantee of the State, with our dormitory buildings built on our campus and which will be put into service from September. In order for our students to be active in sports and social activities, we will use our facilities. We are strengthening our campus culture by renewing it. Armed with this awareness, we want to offer our young people the educational material they need by improving them day by day. At the Central Library, we continue to support the education, training and research activities of our professors and students with new databases and e-book collections.

Rector Budak addressed young university candidates

Rector Budak, stating that they have taken a student-centered management approach, said: “As the first Izmir university to receive the ‘zero waste certificate’ with our environmental studies, which we defined in the Green Campus goal, we implement best practices that create environmental awareness with ease of transportation and parking. With a student-centered management approach, we listen to the demands of our students and create our work in that direction. As a university entitled to receive full accreditation for 5 years under the Institutional Accreditation Program implemented by the Higher Education Quality Council (YÖKAK), we derive our motivation from science and technology and record the quality of our education and training. With the large-scale academic change and transformational mobilization that it has started to move our university even further into the field of higher education, it continues to develop fully and covers a great distance. We want to create a positive impact by sharing information about our university’s educational opportunities, academic and student life, campus life, student exchange programs, scholarships and housing opportunities with our young people who will shape their future thanks to the promotion and preference days that you have organized. This year. We aim to prepare our students for the future as well-equipped individuals in an environment of peace and security. As we take firm steps to become a research university, we invite all of our young people who will enlighten us on our way to enlighten our future in our fields of education which are entitled to full accreditation.

University applicants who wish to participate online in the “Ege University Promotion and Preferably Online Days” will be able to participate in the online promotional activities by logging in directly to “egetercih.ege.edu.tr” . In addition, applicants will have the opportunity to get all their questions answered through the “Help Line” on the site, which includes general promotional brochures and promotional films with detailed information about Ege University.


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