Huawei opens ICT Academy Innovation Lab at the University of Moratuwa


From left to right: Professor Kapila Perera, Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa, Professor ND Gunawardena and CEO of Huawei Sri Lanka, Liang Yi, opening the innovation lab from the Huawei ICT Academy at the University of Moratuwa

As the information and communication technology (ICT) industry transforms, with the aim of advancing into the new era by treating talent as the industry’s most important resource, Huawei Sri Lanka recently opened the innovation lab of the Huawei ICT Academy in collaboration with the University of Moratuwa (UoM).

The official opening ceremony of the Huawei ICT Academy Innovation Lab was held at the University of Moratuwa with the participation of Professor Kapila Perera, Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Vice-Chancellor of Moratuwa University, Professor ND Gunawardena, Huawei Sri Lanka CEO Liang Yi and other Huawei UoMs and Officials.

It will be the largest Huawei ICT innovation academy and laboratory in the country, with the theme “Cultivating a Talent Ecosystem for Digitally Inclusive Sri Lanka” contributing to the digital ecosystem and digital transformation, as the culture digital talent has become a key to unleashing social energy and hope.

The aim of the Huawei ICT Academy Innovation Lab is to train individuals in a real-world environment using Huawei equipment to gain high-level Huawei certifications, support academic research programs providing cutting-edge technology and platforms, and inspire innovations in leading industrial and university collaborative research and projects.

Speaking at the event, Minister of Education Secretary Prof Kapila Perera said: “Education and talent development is a universal need. recognition and internationally renowned qualifications is a must. Therefore, I believe this initiative by the University of Moratuwa and Huawei will immensely support Sri Lanka’s vision to become a smart nation. “

“As Sri Lanka’s leading technological university, the University of Moratuwa has trained talented young people from diverse backgrounds and transformed them into high quality professionals, academics and leaders over the years. Part of our vision is to steer the University to be responsive and adaptive to make Sri Lanka a knowledge-based economy. This Huawei ICT Academy innovation lab will go beyond knowledge generation to apply the knowledge and skills needed to create future talent needed to meet the demand for ICT talent and we are in happy indeed that Huawei is helping to establish this academy which will largely bridge the digital talents of the country, ”said the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa, Professor ND Gunawardena.

“With this initiative, we are expanding our ICT talent cultivation initiative to a larger scale, called Huawei ICT Academy Innovation Lab. We focus on three key areas: public awareness, ICT vocational training and joint innovation with Sri Lankan universities, to improve knowledge transfer, promote better understanding and greater interest in the telecommunications sector. , also to improve and encourage regional construction and digital participation. community, ”said Liang Yi, CEO of Huawei Sri Lanka.

He further added that this initiative would be part of Huawei’s continuing and substantial ICT talent development initiative to develop more than 10,000 ICT talents over the next five years in Sri Lanka, alongside the Asia regional initiative. -Pacific of the company aiming to develop ICT talents in the region.

Based on Huawei’s technical accumulation, its experience in developing industry talent and resources in the ICT sector over the past 30 years, the Huawei ICT Academy Innovation Lab project is one of Huawei’s main initiatives to improve students’ ICT literacy. Huawei provides a comprehensive solution that covers the entire talent development process, from course development, from trainer empowerment to lab environment setup, and talent certification, from competition to competition. employment under this program.

This further responds to Huawei’s cooperation from last year and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Moratuwa to establish a Joint Innovation Lab and ICT Academy, with the aim of developing talents and skills. High quality information and communication technology skills among the younger generations to meet the future evolving needs and challenges of talent. Of the industry.

As the initiative grows, this joint innovation lab – the Huawei ICT Academy’s Innovation Lab – will train more than 250 ICT technology students each year and also conduct research programs. industrial using platforms.

Huawei and UoM officials at the opening of the Huawei ICT Academy innovation lab at the University of Moratuwa

Huawei ICT Academy innovation laboratory at the University of Moratuwa


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