Lucknow University to Feature 3 Papers on Women’s Affairs and Gender-Based Violence | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: Lucknow University is set to introduce three new items at undergraduate level as part of the new education policy.
Students from any stream can study ‘Women and Entrepreneurship Skills’ and ‘Women’s Leadership and Management’ as part of professional papers and ‘Gender, Violence and Mental Health’ as ​​an extracurricular session paper academic 2022-23.
The proposal to introduce the articles at the UG level was adopted at the Institute of Women’s Studies Board of Studies on Wednesday.
“The two professional exams at UG level will help students gain practical knowledge on the subjects,” said institute coordinator Archana Shukla. She said the concept of entrepreneurship, with its focus on the development of women entrepreneurs, will help students gain employment opportunities in NGOs and organizations that work to create jobs for women’s groups and help them create startups.
The purpose of introducing an article on women’s leadership is to develop the student’s understanding of leadership and management. This course provides students with the skills necessary to be effective managers and leaders.
Shukla said that to address challenges in a real-life situation and raise students’ awareness of the impact of gender-based violence on mental health, the handout “Gender, Violence and Mental Health” will be taught. This opens up the possibility for students to specialize in gender-based violence and counselling, an area that currently has high employability, she added.

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