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Newly appointed Temple University president Jason Wynn is easy to identify, and it’s not just for his 6’4 height. He is also the first black president in the history of the college.

Three months after Temple’s twelfth presidential term, Wingard spoke to the Philadelphia Tribune to discuss plans for the university.

Wingard, a recent dean and professor at Columbia University’s vocational school, said he spent a lot of time at an early age and looked forward to serving at a university that has contributed to its growth.

“I come from this area and have always known what Temple means to the community,” Wingard said. “I know where it is. I know what it feels like. I know the impact it has had on the community. And I know, both athletics and academics. I spent the training period on the campus. “

Wingard said he was excited about the possibility of promoting a university which he said offers real opportunities for growth. The school accommodates around 40,000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs.

“Academically, we need to make sure that the program meets the requirements for future work,” Wingard said. “A lot of people are talking about the future of work. I’m also talking about the future of learning. What employers want to prepare for their skills, abilities and workforce, and what the university does. There is a gap between them. “

He said that in the information age it is necessary to learn and adapt at a sustained pace in order to be equipped and be successful in the job market.

“Previously, universities had adequately prepared their workforce for the needs of their employers,” Wingard said. “When students graduate, we have to make sure that, in a nutshell, they can be hired, stay hired, and remain leaders in society. “

There has been a weak relationship over the years between the surrounding community of North Philadelphia and Temple University. Wingard said he understands the need to fill this gap.

“We are a university in Philadelphia. We are a regional university. We have more students than any other university in the region, ”he said. “We need to make sure that we benefit the North Philadelphia residential community. We have to make sure we benefit Philadelphia. We are on the central Atlantic coast. You need to make sure that you are profitable and that you are the best representative of the United States in terms of higher education.

“We’ve done a lot of work in the region and in the region, but we’re not doing as much as we can, and as much as we should for the type of profile we have. I do not do it. “

Wingard said he wanted to build trust in the community through public participation and confidence building. He also said he wanted to make sure the pipeline from the Philadelphia School District to Temple University was more robust. He said Temple’s responsibility is to make sure these students are well prepared for success in school.

“There are tutoring programs. There are partner schools that work with different primary and secondary schools, ”he said. “We’ve done all the work already, but we need to do more, and we need to do it in a more coordinated way. “

It occupies much of the business of American colleges because athletics influences enrollment, and a successful athletic program will bring in millions of dollars to help fund the college and its program. I added. Wingard was also a footballer and played track and field at Stanford University.

“We have a strong exercise program (at the temple), from big sports like soccer and basketball to smaller, lesser-known sports like fencing,” Wingard said. “But when you’re trying to be a top-notch university, it’s important that you have a top-notch medical system and a well-run hospital. You are into chemistry and physics, English literature, liberal arts, and earth. Best in class at the Competition Institute. That’s why we want to win. But if you’re promoting excellence, you want to make sure you’re really doing everything we do, then we’re focused on that. “

The NCAA recently signed a bill that would allow student-athletes to monetize their names, images and portraits. This revolutionary development changes the rules that once forced student-athletes to choose between money and their careers. Wingard said Temple is ready to help athletes make the right sponsorship decisions.

“As with the school curriculum, we have to make sure that we are constantly reacting to changing sports situations,” says Wingard.

New Temple President Jason Wynn provides insight into university plans | Local News

Source Link New Temple President Jason Wynn provides insight into university plans | Local News


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