Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School plans to launch pilot program in Revere

At the last meeting of the Revere School Board Committee of the Whole, representatives from the Northeast Metropolitan Regional Vocational School (Voc) were present to discuss a new pilot program for Revere students only.

The pilot program introduced by Voc Superintendent David DiBarri would help reduce the number of students on Revere’s waiting list at Voc.

“We really just wanted to come before the School Committee tonight to see if Revere is interested in looking at some possible options for Revere students to receive vocational training even if they are not accepted into the regular school program at Voc,” , said Di Barri, “The Voc has a long waiting list and we would really like to collaborate with Revere and try to find some options or maybe look at some pilot programs to give some Revere students access to technical training. professionally, while at the same time allowing them to stay in Revere and in the public schools in Revere.”

DiBarri explained that some of the vocational schools seek to make vocational technical education easier for students to access.

“One option is that the students would go to Revere High School and do all their academics in the morning before lunch, then they would be transported to the Voc and do a Northeast vocational program from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. “, DiBarri said. “Then they would be back in time at Revere High to be part of any sports or clubs or whatever else they want to do there. from Essex has really developed and we thought we’d take a look.

DiBarri said that with Revere being the highest waitlist in the Voc, he thought the school would contact Revere first and see if there was any interest.

“The second program, which again would be a pilot program, would be for Northeast to work with Revere and run some Chapter 74 programs in Revere,” DiBarri said. “I know most cities and towns have space issues, but this would be something that would be in Revere and the students would still be students of Revere High School. However, they would not have to go through the strict and lengthy process of obtaining Chapter 74 approval. So what we would do would be to share our expertise, share our resources and work together to train instructors to work at Revere.

Regarding cost, DiBarri said education funding would follow the student whether they are at Voc or Revere High, so the cost of implementing the pilot program would be minimal.

“Because the students would be part of a professional program, the state is throwing in a little extra money,” DiBarri said. “We just wanted to come before the committee to see if there was any interest in exploring it. We would definitely take it slow and that would be in full cooperation with Superintendent (Dianne) Kelly and the school committee.

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