Nyack College sold to Yeshiva Viznitz for a religious school

SOUTH NYACK, NY — The Nyack College property officially has a buyer. According to Bonnie Christian, mayor of South Nyack, Yeshiva Viznitz intends to operate a religious school on campus.

At this week’s board meeting, the mayor said the village was contacted in mid-July and informed that the buyer had entered into a contract with the college to purchase the property.

She added that the village council also recently requested a written account from the attorney for the potential buyer, providing specific details of the proposed school and the site plan reflecting the operations, so that the village council can better understand the proposed use and share this information with the public.

“To date, we have not received the requested information. When we do, we’ll share them with the public, ”she said at the board meeting. “The village has complied and will continue to comply with all applicable laws with respect to any potential future development of the Nyack College campus.”

Nyack College ceased operations in Rockland County at the end of 2019. The college has long been licensed to operate an educational campus in a residential area. The Rockland County Business Journal reported that under village law there is a one-year window to preserve this right.

This spring, college officials applied for a permit amendment to allow higher residential density on about half of the main property on behalf of a potential buyer. The project was to build collective housing. The village administrators rejected the request because the village law does not include a process to modify a special permit.

“The village has done everything in its power in accordance with applicable law to work with the college regarding this request,” Mayor Christian said. “The request was ultimately rejected by the village council because it did not comply with applicable law. The request was rejected without prejudice and the college was invited and welcome to resubmit the request.

According to the mayor, Nyack College chose not to resubmit the request and gave no explanation as to the reasons.

Read Mayor Christian’s full statement at the July 28 board meeting below

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