Outer mask rule dropped for Hawaii public school graduations

Hawaii’s public high school graduation ceremonies will take small steps toward normalcy by removing the outdoor masking requirement and making other changes to ease restrictions slightly, the state’s acting superintendent of schools announced. ‘State, Keith Hayashi

The state Department of Education has also released the list of graduation dates and locations.

The start guidelines have been relaxed “to reflect less restrictive COVID-19 requirements statewide, but certain restrictions will still apply to ensure the health and safety of all attendees,” a department statement said.

Hayashi added in the statement, “As our ceremonies continue to adapt to improving conditions, this year’s celebrations will be more inclusive than the virtual and drive-through ceremonies of 2020 and the hybrid ceremonies of 2021 while respecting current guidelines. We thank our students, families and schools for working together to ensure the safety of all participants during these well-deserved celebrations. »

In addition to standard departmental health and safety protocols and county regulations, launch events must adhere to DOE launch guidelines, which include:

>> Masks must be worn at all times for indoor ceremonies. Masks worn indoors can be removed briefly to take pictures.

>> All attendees must be fully vaccinated or provide a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 48 hours of the ceremony. If an unvaccinated person has no symptoms of illness and no known exposure to someone with COVID-19, a negative COVID-19 self-test result is sufficient.

>> Graduates will be permitted to bring a predefined number of household members as guests of the ceremony. The number of guests will be determined by each school based on capacity.

>> Ceremonies should take place outdoors or in a location with adequate ventilation or ventilation/filtration systems. Third-party venues that follow county social gathering rules are permitted.

The guidelines are subject to change, the ministry said. Schools will share logistical details with parents and guardians, and those with questions are encouraged to contact their child’s school directly.

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