Portland COVID-19 test available for public school students


PORTLAND, OR – Students at Portland public schools now have the option to be tested weekly for COVID-19. All it takes is for their parents to enroll in the program.

The district says that since K-5 students are not eligible to be vaccinated, these children will be the district’s priority. Once these students are enrolled, the district will endeavor to integrate schoolchildren and high school students.

Once children are registered, they will receive a collection kit along with instructions on how to provide a saliva sample. The children should then return the sample to school the next morning.

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The samples will then be collected and sent to a laboratory for testing.

The new program is an effort of the District and Oregon Health Sciences University.

The OHSU expects to provide the test results to parents within 48 hours. Parents will be notified via secure email, depending on the district.

“It’s important for us to be here to support students in the state of Oregon,” said OHSU School of Medicine chair of pathology, Dr. Donna Hansel. “It is important that students are back in class and can do so safely.

“We also know that we can get ahead of any epidemic by doing tests. “

OHSU says they will be able to perform up to 8,000 tests on student samples each day.


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