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ROCKLAND – The board that oversees the Mid-Coast School of Technology has overwhelmingly rejected a proposal by Member Joseph Steinberger to allow members to sit in classrooms to observe what is going on in the facility.

This rejection led Steinberger to criticize the board.

“The board is essentially unnecessary,” Steinberger said at the August 25 board meeting held virtually and at the Rockland school.

He said that during the year he served on the board, he approved all the proposals made by the administration. Steinberger said the board does not serve the community.

“The board of directors of the Mid-Coast School of Technology is like the Hungarian government when it was under the Soviet Union,” Steinberger said, adding that the board was a puppet of administration.

“The people of the district have agreed to spend $ 24 million on a new school and everything is approved. This is said, an example of the decline of American democracy, ”said Steinberger.

Vice-chairman Matthew Speno strongly disagreed with Steinberger.

“I am very offended,” Speno said.

He said the responsibility of the board is to establish policies that create a strong educational environment.

Before Steinberger made those comments, other board members said Steinberger’s proposal would violate many policies, but also run counter to the role of a board member.

Board member Tori Manzi stressed that the board does not direct or evaluate staff. The only staff member the board can lead is the administrator. The administrator then supervises the staff.

Manzi said it would also be confusing to have board members in classrooms.

There are 16 board members who represent the communities of Islesboro in Waldoboro. The school provides technical and vocational education.

School of technology director Robert Deetjen said there are ways for the board to get more information about the school that would be less disruptive than members sitting and observing classes. Manzi said there could be presentations from students and teachers to the board at its meetings. A student representative could also be appointed to the board to provide the board with the students’ perspective.

The specific resolution rejected on August 25 as proposed by Steinberger stated, “Be it resolved that the purpose and responsibility of the MCST board of directors is to represent the community that the school serves; maintain community control of the school for the benefit of the students; and supervise and direct the staff to ensure that they serve our students as effectively as possible.

“Be it further resolved that it is appropriate and useful for the members of the board of directors to visit the school, observe the lessons and converse with the students and teachers in order to learn more about the school we supervise and understand the ways it could be improved.

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