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“TO ENSURE that we don’t leave any child (or student) behind, we also need to make sure that no teacher is left behind.”

  • Kurt M. Landgraf, President and CEO of Educational Testing Service, USA).

To improve the standard of our public schools, we must provide our public school teachers with “the help they need and want!” “According to Landgraf,” teachers need and want to do their jobs well. A good college education is important but not sufficient, and many teachers have long been removed from academia.

Teachers want the kind of professional development that will give them the knowledge and skills to help their students reach these new academic standards. They want good diagnostic information that allows them to better tailor their teaching to each student. Good professional development is an investment worth making, and we must do it if we are to achieve our goal of providing a high quality education to all students. Landgraf was talking about American teachers here.

Certainly, the “need and desire” of teachers in developing countries in this regard is much worse. Investing in the professional development of our public school teachers must be a higher priority for our government than some infrastructure projects. You don’t need financial experts to fully understand this matter that matters most. By Einstein, not knowing it’s madness!

Landgraft’s final words on the subject: “Providing high quality professional development to teachers, properly funded and well managed, is absolutely necessary to achieve the (equity) goals that we all share. “

Certainly we in the Philippines need more than that to improve the quality of our public schools.

In my previous article titled “Investing more in health and education” I wrote: “In our education program, we like to see higher salaries for teachers, developmental training for teachers, more of classrooms… The incoming administration will hopefully adopt “Education, Education, Education” as its new mantra. After massive infrastructure development, massive Total Integral Human Development must now be the national priority.

It is high time to focus on fairness now. Thus, growth with equity will rightly be called K-12 education. Equity should be a major development objective of all our various institutions, more particularly of our government. All of our development projects and programs must be strictly evaluated on how they will benefit our poor… Without a doubt .. The education program will have a direct and positive impact on the lives of our common Filipinos.

Two big challenges for our education program are: 1) The COVID-19 pandemic phenomenon, and 2) The next 4e Industrial Revolution. It is humbly suggested that our Ministry of Education and CHED form a study group to draft a “Roadmap for the Future. Capacity building for a digital world is, without a doubt, imperative to respond effectively to future demands.

My family is a family of teachers. All of my family are teachers. I dare say that teaching is the greatest profession of all. Keep in mind that our Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest Teacher of all. All parents should be their children’s first teachers. Therefore, teacher training and development should be high on the list of our government services. Sad to say, this is no longer the case now. Pagination of Congress on this nagging question. “Huwag na kayong magtulug-tulogan sa bagay na ito!”

A teacher’s prayer

Generous and eternal God, you have entrusted me with this great responsibility of making not only the spirit but the whole person of the young people in my care. Thank you for helping me grow and evolve as an educator. It is an important mission to which you have called me. Help me remember this when I’m tired of writing my lesson plans, preparing my visual material, thinking about my teaching strategy, and monitoring my students’ behavior and performance.

Help me to be patient. Always keep me healthy and calm and never be bothered by students who need special attention in class or who don’t seem to be interested in my lesson. Grant me the wisdom to learn new ideas, methods and techniques to make my lessons more fruitful and meaningful. May I be a faithful and loving instrument in building up your kingdom on earth as I try to follow the example of your Son Jesus Christ, the Greatest Teacher. Amen (Trinity D. Molina.)

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