Regional governments should support the research products of professional schools

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology has urged regional governments to support products developed through research conducted by vocational education students.

“We hope the local government can respond and support the vocational research products, such as the ship simulator developed by the vocational school,” said director general of vocational education at the ministry, Wikan Sakarinto, on Tuesday.

The digital ship simulator is the result of a collaboration between a professional school and certain professional universities. Its lowest price was capped at 500 million rupees. The complete set, which included the ship’s hull and a 180 degree monitor, went on sale for Rs 2.1 billion.

“It’s cheaper than India’s, which costs 4.7 billion rupees. We expect the local government to be able to support these locally produced products,” Sakarinto said.

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Transport (70/2013), every vocational school and maritime university must have a simulation tool. The ship steering simulation tool is also equipped with various features including pilot ships, BMTI ships, passenger ships, lifeboats and cargo ships.

As for ports, it covers five ports, namely Tanjung Priok, Tanjung Mas, Tanjung Perak, Banda Neira and Benoa.

“Everything is in line with real conditions in ships and ports. So, students could learn how to fly a ship through this simulation tool,” he said.

Meanwhile, the head of machine and industrial technique at the Vocational Education Quality Assurance and Development Agency (BBPPMPV BMTI), Supriyono, said the simulator was created in response to the huge need for shipping in Indonesia, which has been recognized by vocational students. The ship simulator has also been listed in the national electronic catalog.

“Which means it can be ordered by agencies that need it. We hope that this product will meet not only educational needs but also industrial needs,” he added.

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