Religious school exams postponed to early 2022

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – Four key religious school exams will be postponed to January and February 2022, a decision affecting nearly 8,300 students.

The examinations concerned are: the teaching certificate of religious primary schools (SSSRU); Brunei Religious Education Certificate (SPUB); Pre-Brunei Higher Religious Education Certificate (Pre-STPUB) and Brunei Higher Religious Education Certificate (STPUB).

Meanwhile, the Arab School Applicant Selection Examination (PCKSA) will be assessed using a system called the “school assessment score,” the Ministry of Religious Affairs said in a statement. communicated. Their overall grade will be derived from their mid-year exam, subject testing, or assessment of their work throughout the academic year.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Minister of Religious Affairs YB Pehin Dato Ustaz Hj Badaruddin PDP Hj Othman said exams would be rescheduled in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“However, this case is subject to the development of COVID-19 infections in our country, as well as the decision to reopen schools … and the advice of the Ministry of Health,” he added.

There are 42,600 students studying at different levels of religious education.

The ministry said it was also organizing home learning kits for 732 students who had difficulty accessing online learning. Parents will be able to pick up the learning kits via a drive-thru service set up in the respective schools.

Haj and Umrah still in doubt for Brunean pilgrims

Responding to a reporter’s question on whether Bruneian pilgrims can go to Haj and Umrah, YB Pehin Dato Ustaz Hj Badaruddin said the matter is still under review.

Saudi Arabia reopened its borders to vaccinated pilgrims on August 8, but visitors must be fully vaccinated with one of four vaccines recognized by the Saudi government – Pfizer, AstraZeneca; Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. Foreigners may also be subject to quarantine.

Brunei administers Pfizer, AstraZeneca; Moderna and Sinopharm as part of its national vaccination campaign.

The minister said that for Bruneians who have been stung with Sinopharm, they may have to re-do their COVID vaccination in order to get a visa.

“So will Brunei be open to this?” We’ll have to see first, ”he said.

Brunei has yet to enforce its foreign travel ban for residents, which has been in place since March 16, 2020. At the moment, residents are only allowed to leave for business and essential travel. .

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