Ryan van Drecht is running for public school trustee

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Ryan van Drecht will run for public school trustee in this year’s municipal elections.

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Van Drecht is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta and has worked in Grande Prairie as a mechanical engineer for two years.

Van Drecht joined the race for school commissioner because he is interested in serving his community, and also because he learned that initially there were hardly any candidates against the incumbents. While many more challengers have entered the race ahead of the nomination deadline, he is excited to take the plunge.

“I thought it would be a good opportunity,” said van Drecht, adding “one thing that I enjoy is listening to people and trying to determine if there is some sort of compromise available.”

One of the first agendas for van Drecht, if elected, is to help the board create a better working relationship with the people it is supposed to serve, including government, teachers, students and parents.

“I want to try to improve the functionality of the board as a whole, so that it is able to solve any problem that arises,” said van Drecht.

During the election campaign, one of the biggest issues van Drecht heard was the controversy over the school board’s previous decision not to make masking mandatory in schools, which he said was “at odds. with room temperature “.

“I think there is some tension there and a relationship that needs to be mended,” van Drecht said.

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Along with the issues regarding COVID, van Drecht is also attending many discussions regarding the proposed program, and he finds that these two issues seem to dominate the entire conversation.

“I see a common theme here, and there seems to be a mismatch between the local needs of the Grande Prairie School District,” said van Drecht, “and the direction the Government of Alberta is giving us.”

Van Drecht is keen to see changes in the controversial K-6 curriculum plan because of the over-emphasis on rote memorization and the assumptions he makes about learning.

“This is definitely the worst program I have read,” said van Drecht, “it looks like, [the kids] are basically glorified hard drives. In a sense, what they are evaluated on is their ability to memorize large amounts of information and regurgitate it with precision.

“What exactly do we think of when we think of a good education, because I don’t think that’s it,” van Drecht said.

Van Drecht wants to stand out from the rest of the field because of its emphasis on long-term planning.

“How can we improve the functioning of this board and the school district as a whole in the future? Said van Drecht.

Van Drecht also believes his age will set him apart from the rest of his peers and considers his recent experience in the education system to be an asset when tackling difficult topics.

“I think this is definitely going to come in handy when I sit down and chat with students or newly graduated teachers and substitutes,” said van Drecht.

For more information on van Drecht and his campaign, voters are invited to check out his Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/TrusteeRyanV/

The day of the municipal elections is October 18. The candidates for the post of Public School Trustee in alphabetical order are: Ray Buziak, Ryan van Drecht, Jheri Lynn Drover, James, Fletcher, Sydney Fletcher, Karna Germsheid, Alex Innes, Debra Jones, Chris Johnston, Troy Johnston, Donna Koch, Paulette L. Kurylo, Adrianne Larsen, Rob Martin, Ainsley Miller, Tammy Monro, Joan Nellis, Andre Ouellette and Joe Redhead.

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