Sheffield Hallam University partners with FDM Group to create 500 apprenticeship jobs

FDM Group, a technology-focused professional services provider, has announced its first-ever apprenticeship programme, offering new entrants the opportunity to gain university-level qualifications through an innovative training path.

Candidates will receive comprehensive professional training in key IT roles alongside study in the government-approved Level Six (Bachelor of Science) Digital and Technology Professional Learning framework. Once the initial training phase is complete, employees can then specialize in key areas such as IT consulting, software engineering, cybersecurity and data science.

As part of FDM Group’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the apprenticeship program will operate with a 50/50 gender split, with many applicants from underrepresented backgrounds.

The initial phase of the program has been developed in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, with FDM expecting to sign additional agreements in London and with other universities across the country in the coming weeks. The Sheffield Hallam course begins with a solid first term block of 12 weeks, on site at the university. The next seven terms have a study week in the middle of the term, then the ninth term is the final exams. For the blocks of university study (including the 12 weeks), FDM apprentices receive a full salary and FDM subsidizes their accommodation in Sheffield.

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