Singapore Religious School Under Police Investigation, Unaccredited Teacher Fined For Illegal Assembly In 2018 | Singapore

Fahrorazi Sohoi is said to have taught at the unregistered FR Coran Center on Onan Road (pictured) near Joo Chiat. – TODAY photo

SINGAPORE, January 29 – A Muslim religious school is under investigation for operating without registration and for giving lessons to an unaccredited teacher, police said yesterday.

Fahrorazi Sohoi, 49, is said to have taught at the unregistered FR Coran Center on Onan Road, near Joo Chiat. It is not registered under the Asatizah Recognition Program, which is mandatory for all Islamic religious teachers here.

The prominent Islamic preacher, also known as Ustaz Fahrurazi Kiayi Kassim, is also the founder of the school.

The Singapore Islamic Religious Council (Muis), which oversees the registration of asatizahs and their teachers, said in a separate statement yesterday that it had filed a police report on the matter.

Muis ordered the school to close in April 2019 after finding that the school had not complied with registration requirements.

Although Fahrorazi has run the center for the past decade, the shutdown order has been served on Osman Sarkam, 64, who is listed as the owner of the center.

The Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS), mandatory since 2017, requires Islamic religious teachers to abide by a code of ethics that includes not encouraging extremism or violence, denigrating other racial and religious groups, to commit ethical faults and to promote segregationist practices.

Police said they were investigating alleged breaches under the 2016 Rules on Administering Muslim Law (Muslim Religious School) and would seek advice from Muis on the religious aspects of the case.

In his statement, Muis urged the Muslim community to seek religious instruction and advice only from teachers registered under the LRA and Muslim religious schools registered under the Administration Act of Muslim Law.

Illegal assembly

In another development on Wednesday, Fahrorazi was fined 2,000 Singapore dollars (6,100 RM) for staging a religious rally in 2018 without a permit.

He had pleaded guilty to one count of organizing a public assembly without authorization under the Public Order Act.

Fahrorazi Sohoi had applied for a police permit to organize a religious event from the Singapore Sepak Takraw Federation in Bedok, but it was rejected.  - YouTube screenshot via TODAY
Fahrorazi Sohoi had applied for a police permit to organize a religious event from the Singapore Sepak Takraw Federation in Bedok, but it was rejected. – YouTube screenshot via TODAY

The three-hour event titled Maulidur Rasul was to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad and drew around 400 people on November 11, 2018.

It took place in a hall of the Pu Tian building in Geylang.

Court documents showed that Fahrorazi staged the event despite police rejecting his request to hold the town hall.

He had applied for a police permit on October 17 of the same year for the event to take place at the Singapore Federation Sepak Takraw in Bedok.

About three weeks later, he was informed by email that his application had been rejected. The police officer warned him that it would be an offense to proceed with the event without a permit.

On November 7, he wrote to appeal the rejection, saying those scheduled to speak and recite religious verses at the event had blank records and the arrangements had already been finalized.

His appeal was dismissed on November 9. Later that afternoon, he canceled the reservation at the Sepak Takraw Federation of Singapore and rented an auditorium in the Pu Tian building. He then announced the change of location on Facebook.

The next day, the day before the event, he placed an advertisement for the event in the Berita Harian Malaysian newspaper.

Police were alerted to the event after a member of the public called to report the large crowd.

Two other people were “treated separately” in connection with this incident, said Deputy Attorney General Tan Zhi Hao. They are: Ustaz Mohamad Yazid Yunos, who received S $ 500 for speaking at the event; and Osman, the owner of FR Quran Center.

The court documents did not indicate the sentence they had received.

For staging a public rally without a permit, Fahrorazi could have been fined up to S $ 5,000.

Haj tour scam

Earlier that same year, in August, Fahrorazi was accused of deceiving 80 pilgrims worth nearly S $ 100,000 into a scam while on a Haj tour.

He reportedly ran a travel agency at the time.

The pilgrims, who were due to travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia for a Haj tour, did not receive confirmation of their flight and visa details even though they allegedly paid Fahrorazi a total of S $ 98,250 .

He was accused of deceiving one of the pilgrims, Mohammad Farehan Mohammad Hussein, by giving him S $ 1,550 for a VIP Haj tour at the invitation of the Saudi embassy.

On the charge of cheating, Fahrorazi received a discharge not amounting to an acquittal in October 2019. If there were to be new developments in the case, such as the emergence of new evidence, he could still be prosecuted. for the offense. – TODAY

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