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Taigang group president Xie Yumin (third from left) led a team to visit Cai Qichang (middle), president of the secondary vocational school, and the league the day before yesterday. The two parties held a briefing and discussion on the new team’s membership information. The Taigang group showed a high degree of sincerity and interest, and the two sides talked very happily. (Provided by Secondary Vocational School)

Submit a letter of intent to join as early as February

Taigang Eagles Vocational Secondary School 6th Team Dressed As

The sixth team of secondary vocational school, Taigang Group and Chunghwa Telecom, compete

[Reporters Huang Zhaodun, Luo Zhipeng/Taipei Report]There is a serious competitor in the sixth team of the professional high school. Steel overlord Taigang Group has taken practical measures. The day before yesterday, they visited Cai Qichang, the director of the secondary vocational school. The letter of willingness to join will be submitted for review no earlier than February. According to the report, Taigang plans to use Kaohsiung as a base to enter Chinese professional baseball as the “Taipei Eagle”. Taigang’s frequent actions are expected to put heavy pressure on Chunghwa Telecom, which was widely rumored to have been priced cautiously in October last year. Taigang can become “Cheng Yaojin” and come from behind.

Chunghwa Electric encounters strong competitors

Taigang Group intends to enter vocational secondary school. The first time was on December 12 last year at the CITIC Brothers’ King’s Day Parade Celebration Banquet. CITIC boss Gu Zhongliang has said in public that his business friends also want to play professional baseball. The team first surfaced, and Cai Qichang confirmed that it happened that night.

At the end of last year, Gu Zhongliang said slipping

A month later, Taigang Group Chairman Xie Yumin personally led a team to visit the gate the day before yesterday and started a substantive discussion with Chairman Cai and league officials. The league also explained to Taigang the rights, obligations and schedule of the new team to join, including the need to pay for the franchise. 120 million yuan in gold, 100 million yuan in the local baseball revitalization fund and 360 million yuan in operating deposit can be refunded after the establishment of the club for 5 years, and 580 million must be raised first to cross the threshold. According to the participants, the talks lasted more than an hour and the two sides had a very pleasant conversation. The alliance also reminded Taigang to go back and prepare. He can submit a letter of intent in February, and the alliance will submit it to the executive board for consideration after receiving it.

Taigang Group is made up of more than 30 enterprises in south central China, including more than 10 listed companies, whose members are mainly steel and biotechnology industries. Taigang is the largest electric furnace steel company in China, with abundant funds. Tainan Taigang Football Team was established in Tainan a few years ago and won two consecutive championships in the Taiwan Enterprise League. Last year, they even sponsored 100 million yuan to establish the T1 Tainan Taigang Falcons professional basketball, declaring their ambition to win the championship in 3 years.

Taigang Eagle is eager to settle in Kaohsiung

It is reported that Taigang will not compete with the United Lions in Tainan. The base camp is interested in Kaohsiung, and plans to specify that Lake Stadium is the home ground. He will arrange an appointment to visit Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai to seek support and give birth to “Kaohsiung Taigang Eagles”. All have professional baseball teams.

The Chinese Professional League also responded yesterday, “For companies wishing to invest in the great family of Chinese professional baseball, the league maintains a positive and open attitude.”

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