Takara Tomy taps professional school for official student films – Interest

Toymaker Giant Takara Tomy has partnered with the HAL Vocational High School to offer its students the opportunity to work on short films for popular brands like zooids, Diacloneand Transformers. The project involves fourth-year students working in CG, animation, and music classes.

The student films are embedded below:

Concept: More than meets the smartphone

Concept: coming-of-age story about gaining courage after meeting a Transformer

Concept: The protagonist feels a special sensation after learning the secret of a Transformer

Notion: If zooids really existed… Fear towards the imminent destroyer

Concept: Charmed by True Fear

Concept: Splendor

Concept: cool in a modern way

Concept: Becoming an adult is not about getting stronger, but about understanding your own weakness

Concept: A day in the life of a soldier

Concept: starting line

Concept: While my friends disperse, I rise!

Takara Tomy plans to evaluate all 11 films in September and choose the most outstanding works under each brand. The three selected films will be shown on large screens in Shinjuku and Osaka.

Source: Takara Tomy Going through Transformer World 2005

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