The Lorain County Joint Vocational School was closed on Friday after a student discovered he had unloaded a gun in his backpack

OBERLIN, Ohio (WOIO) – A 14-year-old college student and his 12-year-old sister are in custody at the Lorain County Detention Home after allegedly attacking a Lorain County Sheriff’s Deputy who attempted to search the 14 years- old’s backpack for a gun.

According to police officials, Deputy David Walker, who is assigned as a school resource officer at the Lorain County Joint Vocational School, was told by the director of the Pathways to Success program that a student might be in possession of a firearm on campus. .

Deputy Walker reportedly made contact with the 14-year-old, who was sitting on a school bus with his 12-year-old sister.

When told of the allegations, the student allegedly resisted the deputy’s attempts to search his backpack and during the struggle his sister began to assault the officer.

The headmistress intervened to help restrain her, but she also assaulted them.

After the two students were detained, a search of the backpack confirmed an unloaded .22 caliber firearm with ammunition, as well as what is suspected to be marijuana.

The school was briefly closed while the incident was investigated, police said.

The student was charged with inciting panic, a third degree felony, carrying a concealed weapon, a third degree felony, assaulting a police officer, a fifth degree felony, and possession of marijuana , a minor offence.

The sister was charged with assaulting a police officer, a third degree felony, assault, a fifth degree felony, and resisting arrest, a second degree misdemeanor.

Both were transported to the Lorain County Detention Center pending a hearing with a juvenile magistrate.

Due to their age, their identities are not revealed by the police.

According to JVS officials, approximately 27 students are enrolled in the Pathways to Success program.

Staff members said that none of the students gave any indication that they had observed or threatened with the firearm.

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