The protection workshop of the secondary vocational school nominated for the European award

March 7, 2022 – Varaždin Secondary Vocational School Protection Workshop is one of 34 Central European projects nominated for the 2022 SozialMarie Best Social Innovation Award, Varaždin County said on Monday.

The protection workshop is one of the 275 pre-selected projects. It competes with Austrian, Hungarian, Czech and Slovak projects for the first prize of €15,000, the second prize of €10,000, the third prize of €5,000 or €2,000 for the next 12 places.

The Protection Workshop is a joint project of the school, the county and the Croatian employment service which was started in 2006 to enable the employment of people with disabilities or reduced working capacity, the first project of this type in Croatia.

The workshop manufactures work uniforms, protective clothing, chair covers, bedding, bags, backpacks, textile and leather accessories. In 15 years, it has employed 58 people, including 30 with disabilities.

SozialMarie rewards successful and innovative projects each year, a guarantee of quality in effective social innovation. The winners will be announced on May 1.

This is the first European prize for social innovation, awarded since 2004 to 15 of the best projects. SozialMarie is also a public platform for connecting, cooperating and exchanging experiences between projects in Central Europe.

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