TSMC Charity Foundation, SEMI, 104 job banks eyeing vocational school talent

Taipei, Aug 23 (CNA) The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) Charity Foundation is partnering with online job bank 104 and industry association SEMI to recruit vocational high school graduates to work in the semiconductor industry.

Terry Tsao (曹世綸), global marketing manager and president of SEMI Taiwan, told reporters on Tuesday that the demand for workers has become more urgent as the semiconductor industry continues to grow, and the pool of talent should be expanded by recruiting vocational high school graduates.

SEMI, a global association that represents companies in the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, has focused on cultivating talent in semiconductors and works with the TSMC Charity Foundation and the Bank of 104 jobs to launch a recruitment program for these graduates, Tsao said.

With a more diverse talent pool, he said, semiconductor vendors will be able to enhance their innovation capability and competitive advantage and create a good foundation for achieving sustainability.

Meanwhile, TSMC Charity Foundation President Sophie Chang (張淑芬) said young people should seek to learn special job skills that will equip them to work in Taiwan’s industrial sector.

The TSMC Charity Foundation provides such learning opportunities for young people in remote areas of Taiwan, which will allow them to explore career options in the industrial sector, said Chang, the wife of TSMC founder Morris Chang (張忠謀).

According to job bank 104, Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is keen to hire vocational high school graduates, and some industry employers are now offering a monthly salary of NT$36,400 (US$1,213) for such workers. in 2022, an increase of 11% compared to 2020. .

In 2021, the number of semiconductor companies in Taiwan seeking to hire vocational high school graduates increased by around 55% from the previous year, while the number of industry openings for these graduates has soared 133% annually, an increase of about 10,000, the job bank said, citing a recent report.

As part of joint efforts to foster the recruitment of professional high school graduates, SEMI will hold a series of talent cultivation forums at the upcoming SEMICON Taiwan, an annual international trade fair for the semiconductor technology industry scheduled for May 14-20. September 16. and Sophie Chang will be one of the speakers.

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