Two centers of excellence at SRM University inaugurated

Member, Niti Aayog, VK Saraswat said India is going through an educational shift in terms of policy and implementation and the National Education Policy-2020 has replaced old redundant education policies.

Dr Saraswat inaugurated two Centers of Excellence that SRM University-AP recently established to promote translational research. The SRM Amara Raja Center for Energy Storage Devices was established in collaboration with Amara Raja Batteries Limited, Tirupati, with a commitment to application-oriented research in renewable energy and electric mobility.

The Center for Pioneering Studies in Gold & Silver will work on a flagship project with Titan Company Ltd (Tanishq) to develop a new gold alloy for contemporary jewelry design. The center also aims to work on projects in collaboration with Waman Hari Pethe & Sons, Mumbai and other jewelry makers across India to produce high strength 22 karat gold and develop silver alloys without tarnishing.

At the SRM University Amaravati Academic Research Advisory Board meeting on Monday, Dr Saraswat said that NEP-2020 has offered extraordinary possibilities and opportunities to make the most of the human and natural resources in terms of education and research.

“NEP-2020 aims to empower India as a nation. Therefore, NEP-2020 must create job providers, more job seekers, ”Dr Saraswat said.

Stating that the NEP-2020 suggestions and recommendations were organized to facilitate innovation and brilliance, he said that universities and educational institutions are at the heart of knowledge creation and dissemination and that they had to be entrusted with this responsibility of creating future leaders.

Dr Saraswat proposed to develop a value addition center at SRM-AP University to promote translational research. The center would strengthen the relationship between industry and academia to work on product engineering to deliver relevant products to the market.

“For any country that aspires to be among the best in the world, knowledge generation must matter. For a country like India, with a population of 130 crores, unemployment is a curse. Following the recommendations of NEP-2020, the focus should be on vocational courses, ”he said.

P. Sathyanarayanan, President, SRM University-AP, shared his vision to make the university a world-class new age research university.

D. Narayana Rao, pro-vice-chancellor, said the university has 4,500 students and 180 professors, including some foreign nationals.

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