Two-thirds of Istanbul İsmek Institute participants are university graduates

Two-thirds of Istanbul İsmek Institute participants are university graduates

The first half of Istanbul İSMEK Institute 2021-2022 training period is over. 4 thousand 22 residents of Istanbul attended the trainings conducted in 103 branches and 511 fields throughout the city. University graduates showed the greatest interest among participants who wanted to improve their professional and personal skills. University graduates, who represent two-thirds of students, have received training in computers and foreign languages.

At the beginning of the 2021-2022 teaching period of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), the first term at Istanbul İSMEK Institute, whose content was enriched with employment, technology and digital processes, ended. 103 thousand 511 residents of Istanbul who wanted to acquire a profession, improve their professional skills or improve their artistic abilities received training from the Istanbul İSMEK Institute. In trainings, where 76.92 percent of participants were women and 23.08 percent were men, programs focusing on supported employment received the most interest with 74.51 percent.


Residents of Istanbul showed the most interest in training in the field of “information technology”. The trainings attended by 64 thousand 692 people were followed by “language trainings” with 30 thousand 350 participants. The fields “Graphic and technical design” and “Fashion design and textile technology” were also among the other favorite fields. 22,536 people received training in “Graphic and Technical Design” and 21,671 people received training in Fashion Design and Textile Technology.

While the most requested program among language training was “English” with 14 participants, 727 thousand 5 in “Diction” in the field of personal development and “Computer management” in the field of information technology, 501 residents of ‘Istanbul received training.


One of the innovations of the Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK has been to increase the training provided to those who want to practice a trade or improve their professional skills. Students between the ages of 16 and 40 who want to practice a profession or improve themselves with new knowledge and skills accounted for 75.13% of the participants.


University graduates showed the greatest interest in teaching the first semester at Istanbul İSMEK Institute. 68.17% of the participants in Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK who wanted to get a new vocational training, improve in a professional field or learn new things for their personal development were university graduates. 23.19% of those enrolled were in high school, 8.01% were primary school students, and 0.64% were literate students.


In the new period of education, the interest in the trainings of the Center for Distance Education, which showed great interest to the people of Istanbul, who said that lifelong learning, during the pandemic period where face-to-face training was interrupted, was great. During the first half of the teaching period, 107 thousand 126 people applied to the Distance Learning Center, which opened registration for a total of 280 programs. In the Extending Training Center, where 88 thousand 19 people have been trained, computer training such as the use of Excel, the use of basic Office programs, Photoshop, the basics of algorithm and programming, introduction to C# programming were the most preferred training.


Istanbul İSMEK Institute will continue its training in 7 programs during the new period which will start from February 2022 633. Registration is continuing for the trainings which will continue in UZEM as well as in 141 training centers. Istanbul residents who wish to receive education, trainings and training centers can access information on the official website of Enstitu Istanbul İSMEK,

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