UC Doctor of Nursing Candidate Recalls Scholarship for International Students

“Louis and I lived in the same apartment complex and carpooled to campus. He was very caring and compassionate. I remember how dedicated he was to helping people in his country get educational resources. He was collecting books from his apartment to send to his home country to build the library. I miss his spirit and his laughter. He was a wonderful person and friend.

— Jerome Wray

“He was truly an inspirational person. I was and still am amazed at all that Louis was able to accomplish in this country. Being an African immigrant myself, I appreciate the hard work and determination it took to Louis to move from a French-speaking country, learn the English language from scratch, and earn the highest academic honors in his field in the United States Despite his accomplishments, Louis remained very humble and true to himself. often talked about returning home one day to Central Africa. Republic of giving back and helping his community. We miss him a lot.”

— Cleopatra (Cleo) Kum

“Louis was committed to a life of learning. There was no obstacle he couldn’t overcome. He was a sincere friend, and his passion for improving the health and well-being of others was infectious. He made the world a better place. I am honored to have been part of a doctoral cohort with him. His insights and encouragement will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

—Holly Meyer

“Louis was a true, deeply spiritual Renaissance man. He succeeded in everything he undertook with great integrity and a wonderful work ethic to behold. He was a true friend who was always ready to offer his a expertise and valuable time to work on challenging PhD requirements. Our cohort family was very lucky to have him as one of our “brothers”. He had an infectious laugh and a beautiful smile, which filled you always warm when directed to you. I will miss my brother and my angel-friend. I was blessed that he was part of my life’s journey…if only for a while.”

—Barbara E. Bodnarik

“Louis was an extraordinarily hard-working person. He always expressed his sense of humor to deal with the stresses and difficult times he encountered during his journey as an immigrant. He always encouraged international students from doctoral program to pursue their dreams and goals. . He knew the pain of being alone as an immigrant in a foreign country. He was a warm and empathetic friend. He will be missed.

—Ayse Guler

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