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The Center for Sustainable Engineering and Construction will create new opportunities for skills, training and employment, to stimulate investment and opportunities in the West Midland.

University College Birmingham (UCB) has announced the establishment of a new Sustainable Building Competence Center next year. The Center will offer state-of-the-art courses and facilities, specially designed to equip the next generation of learners with skills that directly meet the needs of regional employers and their supply chain.

The courses have been developed to improve the work preparation of young people and the long-term unemployed by providing them with the relevant training needed to embark on meaningful and sustainable careers. Specializing in energy conservation, modernization and renewable energy technologies, the Center will also help develop the skills and expertise prioritized by the government’s “leveling” program. This includes helping Birmingham and surrounding areas become industry leaders in the digital and green technologies of tomorrow.

In addition, the Centre’s training programs will provide regional specialist technical education and training to ensure that skills gaps in the region are filled and can support future labor demands and drive growth. economic. This will be reinforced by a program that will be co-designed and delivered in collaboration with regional and national employers, providing learners with access to world-class equipment and hands-on experience and helping to develop key skills in the workplace. in addition to relevant training in the industry.

The Center expands UCB’s continuing education offering with courses covering areas of growth in the region, including sustainable construction, manufacturing, civil engineering, renewable energy, robotics, and cyber and digital skills. Specializing in vocational training in higher and complementary education, the Center tackles the lack of lifelong learning opportunities by expanding access to education for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, including youth and adult learners. The courses available include apprenticeships, internships, sectoral work academies and CPD for internships in industry. More than 1,200 learners are expected to be supported by the Center to achieve Level 3 or higher qualifications by 2025.

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street said:

“This is a fantastic investment from UCB that I can’t wait to see come to fruition.

“Not only will this help regenerate and breathe new life into James Cond’s iconic former printing house, but it will also crucially help train people in the skills employers need, helping residents find work. good quality and long term as part of my 100,000 job plan.

Michael Harkin, Vice Chancellor and Principal of University College Birmingham, said:

“The recent COP26 climate change conference focused on low carbon, sustainable buildings with highly green specifications, and there is a great need for new talent in this area, with hundreds of thousands of new ones. workers who should be needed in the next few years.

“Our exciting new courses focus on sustainable construction and design, as well as the development of advanced engineering and construction skills, and are very different from those offered by other local vendors.

“This is an offering that we will continue to develop from levels 2 and T to diploma courses and apprenticeships, working closely with local employers to fill skills gaps and provide training in the fields. priorities of the West Midlands.

“First and foremost, this is firmly about helping young people and the long-term unemployed acquire industry-relevant skills and helping them to work, continue their education and acquire essential skills. to access high-value jobs that meet local and regional needs. ”

Through the Center, UCB has also formed a new partnership with the University of Warwick. This presents unique progression opportunities for students to enter UCB into technical courses and progress to the degree and master’s degree programs at Russell Group University.

Stuart Croft, Vice Chancellor of the University of Warwick, said:

“We are incredibly excited about this new partnership between the University of Warwick and University College Birmingham. Our institutions are jointly committed to unleashing the potential of talent in the West Midlands. This new center will improve skills, training and employment opportunities for learners of all ages, while also serving as a catalyst for further innovation and growth in key sectors in the region.

“This investment in state-of-the-art facilities and skills development will position the Center and its courses at the forefront of not only the delivery and growth of skills nationally, but will also be an example of inclusive learning that can be developed through close collaboration between higher education and higher education.

The Center is a crucial part of UCB’s efforts to contribute to Birmingham’s sustainable future. Along with the regeneration of Camden House for additional learning facilities, this project is part of UCB’s investment of over £ 130million in Birmingham, with the aim of spurring regeneration in the city and creating advanced facilities to meet industry needs and create more job opportunities. The new center is to be housed in the refurbished James Cond printing house in Birmingham’s jewelry district, with particular attention to ensuring that the heritage of the building and the region is honored.

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