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Brayford Pool Campus of the University of Lincoln (Copyright: University of Lincoln)

The University of Lincoln will begin its new academic year powered by TechnologyOne’s state-of-the-art student management system, as part of its strategic plan to further enhance student learning experiences and grow in as an internationally renowned academic institution.

The university is already ranked in the top 20 universities in the UK for student satisfaction and has ambitions to grow and be recognized as one of the top 500 universities in the world by 2027 and among the 15 best universities in the UK by 2050.

The University of Lincoln has used TechnologyOne’s financial system for more than five years to save time and money by further automating and digitizing its financial billing, procurement and reporting systems, as well as the management system. admission of TechnologyOne students since 2019.

With the new student management system going live this week, the University is now a true SaaS ERP OneEducation customer and one of over 100 higher education customers benefiting from TechnologyOne products in the UK.

Professor Neal Juster, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lincoln, said: “As we welcome new and returning students for the next academic year, TechnologyOne’s OneEducation student management system will be a key driver, helping us to provide an improved experience for students and staff. .

“Our strategic plan and long-term ambition is to become a university that contributes significantly to the success of the nation through regional regeneration and international connectivity, and we believe that the best business and student management system can provide us with the real-time information we need to achieve this.

“The University will continue to partner with TechnologyOne to develop the flexible functionality provided by the student management system facilitating effective changes in our operations and further supporting and enhancing the student experience, which positions us well to the future. These are exciting times,” said Professor Juster.

Ed Chung, CEO of TechnologyOne, said: “We are delighted to partner with the University of Lincoln as the first UK institution to use our internationally trusted student management system. Technology that has been helping higher education institutions in Australia and New Zealand improve their operations and student experience for over 30 years.

Leo Hanna, UK Executive Vice President of TechnologyOne, added: “We know that risk management is a top priority for university leaders today. In addition to helping create a positive experience for students, TechnologyOne’s student management system will help manage cybersecurity risks. »

“Our “government security force” secure SaaS platform reduces the risk of cyberattacks by minimizing potential threat openings and provides the foundation for continuous, automatic upgrades as new threats arise.

“At a time when more and more universities are falling prey to ransomware attacks, TechnologyOne has upgraded all of its SaaS customers to a new IRAP (PROTECTED) security standard and the University of Lincoln is already benefiting,” did he declare.

The successful go-live has been welcomed by higher education industry groups who note that having a credible new option for universities as they choose a student management system is good news for the higher education sector in the UK.

TechnologyOne partners with over 50% of vocational and higher education institutions in the UK, and over 90% in Australia and New Zealand.

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