USAID to establish professional development center at Cairo University

On Monday, the president of Cairo University, Mohamed Othman El-Khosht, met with the director of the United States Agency for International Development (YOU SAID), Leslie Reid, alongside a high-ranking US delegation to discuss the establishment of a professional development center at the university.

The new project aims to provide students with job skills, career guidance and counseling services, preparing them for the job market and connecting them to suitable employment opportunities, according to USAID.

During their meeting, El-Khosht and Reid reviewed a number of topics, such as the Faculty of Agriculture’s Center of Scientific Excellence and ways to develop it in a way that would contribute to the development of the agricultural research.

In addition, the Center for Services and Support for Persons with Disabilities, which aims to integrate students with special abilities into the university community.

In addition, the USAID representative and El-Khosht discussed the best ways to strengthen their joint cooperation in the area of ​​sustainable environmental approaches.

“We look forward to organizing a simulation model for Cairo University students during the Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change at the end of this year,” said the President of Cairo University.

Moreover, El-Khosht indicated that the education system of Cairo University will certainly benefit greatly from this collaboration with USAID.

Meanwhile, Reid said, “USAID cooperates with the Egyptian government in the education, research and health sectors, and supports universities, research, scientific and service centers in projects joint research”.

“We have provided them with the necessary resources and the required training in the areas of improving student skills, development and career guidance in the field of higher education and research,” he said. she adds.

She also commended the role of Cairo University in the fields of scientific research, the dissemination of rational and critical thinking, the improvement of students’ skills and the means to prepare and train them for the future. .

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