Vocational school comes for domestic cars


come to vocational school for domestic cars

The “electric vehicle branch” is opened for the first time in the field of motor vehicle technology at the vocational and technical high school of Anatolia. Training will begin next year at the Vocational and Technical High School of the Association of Automotive Industry Exporters in Bursa.

Turkey unveils its first domestic car in the world. As preparations for the plant continue in Bursa, the National Education Ministry has also taken steps to train skilled labor to participate in the production of the car, which will be fully electric.

In this project, which will be carried out with local and national production, the “Electric Vehicle Branch” will be opened for the first time in the technological field of motor vehicles of the Anatolian Vocational and Technical High School of the Union of Exporters of the automotive industry, which provides training in Bursa, to train the necessary technical personnel. In the short term, the course will be created, teacher training will be carried out and students will be admitted in this field as part of the Transition to High Schools (LGS) at the start of the next school year.

Bursa Automotive Industry Exporters Association Professional and technical hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, battery technology, electric motors, sensors, image processing, LED technology, CCTV (closed circuit camera systems), mechanical systems, charging station technology, electrolysis technologies.

“We share the enthusiasm of our students, teachers and our entire society,” said Ziya Selcuk, Minister of National Education, who gave the national car the good news of support from technical staff. noted. Turkey will produce a car that has started training the skilled workforce to work quickly, Minister Selcuk continued:
“As a ministry, we take into account the needs of our country while restructuring vocational and technical education. In this context, we have successfully implemented many new projects over the past year.

For example, we created ASELSAN and ASELSAN Vocational and Technical High School with Employment Guarantee in Ankara to meet the needs of necessary technical personnel in the field of defense industry and we received for the first time students in the 1% segment in vocational and technical training. education. Likewise, for the first time, we have launched 150 years of Anatolian Bursa Tophane Vocational and Technical High School to provide guaranteed vocational training through employment in many fields such as automotive, industry, biotechnology, the aerospace and watch industry, which is the basis of advanced technology.

We are establishing a new Anatolian Vocational and Technical High School for Defense Industry with Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) in Kırıkkale. For the first time, we will open an electric vehicle branch in the motor vehicle technology field to train the necessary technical personnel in Bursa, where production will also be carried out for the national automobile project. For this purpose, we have chosen the Vocational and Technical High School of the Union of Automotive Industry Exporters in Bursa.

Our General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education has started to work under the coordination of Deputy Minister Mahmut Özer. From the next school year, we will take our first students in this field. “


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