Vocational School District Names Niece Lumber “Business Partner of the Year” | Hunterdon Magazine News

A partner for more than a decade, Niece Lumber has donated lumber and other materials to help construction science students with hands-on learning – and continued to do so even after the business was hit hard by Hurricane Ida.

Niece Lumber began associating with the district in 2012 and has remained enthusiastic over the years to help students enrolled in Polytech Career & Technical High School’s construction science program, and subsequently to grow the trade in investing in its future workforce.

“They made countless donations of materials and supplies to our students and had manufacturing representatives come in to talk to them, who also donated supplies and tools,” said Charles Lachner, instructor in construction sciences at Polytech.

Even after flooding from Hurricane Ida damaged some of Niece Lumber’s supplies, the company remained a staunch supporter of Polytech. Lachner said the company actually reached out to him, asking how much plywood he needed, and then made a generous donation.

“We love working with the Polytech program,” said Niece Lumber Sales Manager Rich Aneskewich. “It’s a good thing to help young people who are interested in this industry to get involved and maintain their interest. We help them, give them materials, information – whatever they need.

Working in the construction industry for over 35 years, Aneskewich said he is passionate about preparing the next generation to enter construction-related fields and appreciates the partnership with Lachner and HCVSD.

“Available manpower is considerably low at the moment,” Aneskewich said. “It’s tough. We deal with many companies during the day, and they all need qualified people to hire. That’s why programs like Polytech’s are so important and why we’re happy to offer our support.

In addition to donating, Aneskewich and Bruce Currie, co-owners of Niece Lumber with Marc Currie, serve on Polytech’s advisory board for the building science program. Their contributions include sharing the latest trends, tools and techniques in the construction industry.

“It’s important for us to maintain a meaningful relationship with local business partners like Niece Lumber to keep us up to date on industry happenings and give our students a head start in the job market,” Lachner said. .

“The main goal for us is to jump-start students’ careers in this field,” Aneskewich said. “Polytech graduates are there to help entrepreneurs in our region. They work hard and we are proud to have helped prepare them in any way.

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