Vocational school helps shape destinies

Sergio Cosby Thompson (right) from Ghana in West Africa, and his Chinese classmates, learn auto repair skills at the Shandong Lanxiang Main Technical School. [ZOU HONG/CHINA DAILY]

Shandong institution makes its mark with a quasi-military approach

Since its founding in 1984, Shandong Lanxiang Senior Technical School has had its fair share of controversy.

An international media report in 2010 – the authenticity of which was denied by the school – said the institution was at the heart of a secret global hacking plot, giving it a mystical air.

In 2014, reports alleged that the school president pressured students to assault his stepfather in Henan Province amid a financial dispute with his ex-wife, with whom he. had six children.

It hit the headlines again in June, when 77 soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force graduated from the institution after just three months, during which they reportedly learned to use backhoe loaders.

Many consider the Jinan School in Shandong Province to be even as well-known as one of the country’s top academic institutions, Peking University, although the two share little in common.

Many also grew up hearing a TV commercial for the school saying, “What is the best school for learning technical skills?” Come to Lanxiang in Shandong.

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