Will build religious school on Dawood Ibrahim land auctioned by SAFEMA, SC lawyer says

Supreme Court attorney Bhupendra Kumar Bhardwaj reached Mumbake village in Khed taluka in Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra to purchase another property that belonged to fugitive gangster Dawood Ibrahim. Accompanied by an associate, Bhargava reached the village well before auction time and inspected the property on Tuesday.

Competent authority under SAFEMA [The Smugglers and Foreign Exchange Manipulators (Forfeiture of Property) Act] is in the process of auctioning an unsold property belonging to Dawood Ibrahim. On November 10, six land belonging to the gangster was auctioned by SAFEMA.

This property in the village of Mumbake was also to be auctioned, but the authority decided to withdraw it from the auction at the last minute citing a technical error in the measurements of the land.

Of the six Dawood Ibrahim properties up for auction, Supreme Court attorney Bhupendra Kumar Bhardwaj bought four. The other two were bought by Supreme Court lawyer Ajay Shrivastav. Among the properties was the ancestral home of Dawood Ibrahim.

“The SAFEMA agents who were at the scene could not answer all the questions. There are constructions on 33% of the land. There were shutters and there is no way through the construction. now, ”Supreme Court attorney Bhupendra Kumar Bhardwaj told India Today.

He has been participating in the Dawood Ibrahim property auction since 2017, but was only able to purchase four properties recently.

The previous auction of the gangster properties held by SAFEMA involved 30 gunthas of land at a reserve price of over Rs 60 lakh. Now the same property has been revalued and now costs Rs 1.9 crore.

“I asked the SAFEMA authorities where were these 20 extra gunthas? They couldn’t tell me. They didn’t have a proper card and the one they did not even had. The structure on the ground can collapse at any time, it’s so bad, “added Bhupendra Kumar Bhardwaj.

However, he still plans to move forward with his offer.

Another bidder Ravi Kande, a man who resides in a nearby village of Lote, also landed on the property for inspection. Kande, who is said to be Sarpanch’s village brother, had also participated in the auction conducted earlier this month but was unable to return home as the owner of any of the properties.

SAFEMA authorities said they had received numerous requests not only for the properties of Dawood Ibrahim, but also for those belonging to his henchman Iqbal Mirchi in the Juhu area of ​​Mumbai. These three properties belonging to Mirchi are being auctioned for the fourth time since no one approached the authority to buy it during the first three auctions.

Supreme Court attorney Ajay Shrivastav has no plans to participate in the next auction as he is busy repossessing the two lots he bought in previous auctions earlier this this month. Shrivastav told India Today that he is planning to hold a large reception with dignitaries to mark the occasion and is planning to open a “Sanatan Shiksha Mandir” on said land.

“Here, religious education will be provided to people who have forgotten our religion,” Ajay Shrivastav said.

Officials from the SAFEMA authority said the final number of bidders for these properties owned by Dawood Ibrahim will be made public on November 27, the deadline for applications.

November 24 has been decided as the inspection date for these properties before the auction. Given the coronavirus pandemic, auctions will be held virtually via video links on December 1 between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

(With contributions from Muzammil Jaitapkar in Ratnagiri)

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